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2Github ActionsBhop | Surf | BhopLite | Deathrun | Full
112TAS: Fix TAS file saving using mode/style short name instead of safe name as intendedBhop | Surf | BhopLite | Deathrun | Full
111SendConVarValue bot guard (#106)Bhop | Surf | BhopLite | Deathrun | Full
110Add influx_pause_forcespectator cvarBhop | Surf | BhopLite | Deathrun | Full
109Fix influx_practise being required plugin for influx_noclipBhop | Surf | BhopLite | Deathrun | Full

Place the zip contents in your game directory (cstrike/csgo). Follow the guide page for further guidance.

Lite is a special version targeted for LAN servers. Features such as chat-tags and ranks are removed from this build.

Full package contains all plugins and features contained within Influx. It isn't configured for any particular gamemode.

Other plugins you might like

RNGFix (Slope boost & bhop booster fix)
Auto nav file generator
MP Bhop blocks (func_door bhop blocks)
Modify weapon speeds (260vel weapons)
CS:GO Movement Unlocker (prestrafing)
Surf Ramp Bug Fix

Old Build

Bhop | Surf | BhopLite | Full